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Call Center Services
Today's consumer is more demanding than ever. In the global marketplace, 24 hour/7 days a week service is often expected. Providing additional channels of communication for customer contact is essential in establishing the credibility of your operation. Qinwan Technologies inbound call center services allow your doors to never close. We'll be there to greet your customers when you're not.
Qinwan Technologies web enabled call center agents can answer customer concerns, take orders, or simply answer questions about your products or services on a 24/7/365 basis. This means customers can access information and, most importantly, make purchase decisions at their convenience. The bottom line is that live call center outsourcing services are critical in maximizing the sales generated by any direct marketing or online initiative.
The call center outsourcing services leverage the power of the World Wide Web with leading-edge call center technology to provide unique, transparent communications solutions. Using custom developed call center technology, Qinwan Technologies is able tom provide customers with a powerful tool for customer relationship management. By employing a rapid application development tool, Qinwan Technologies can create multi-lingual customized call center scripts to suit the customer's specific needs with the fastest ramp up times in our industry. Furthermore, Qinwan Technologies can seamlessly integrate its call center solutions into the clients' systems to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
Call Center Agent Proficiency
All Qinwan Technologies inbound call center agents must successfully complete a rigorous training program and a Sales and Customer Service Certification Course prior to proceeding to client-specific training. Agents also receive on-going “refresher” call center training to identify and remedy issues drawn from daily quality-control account testing. Our experience in the business is testament to our attention to quality customer service reps.
Qinwan Technologies inbound call center services and quality agents provide companies with results they can’t ignore:
Increased efficiencies and significant cost savings
Multi-lingual support: English, French, Spanish
Access to a large pool of educated “accent-neutral” call center agents
Thorough and focused training on your business
A dedicated quality assurance process consisting of daily monitoring of each agent’s sales and customer service performance
Enhanced reporting capabilities