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Online Support Services:
Can you imagine if you could initiate contact with visitors on your website when they spend too much idle time in your Shopping Cart? "What's preventing them from completing their purchase?. By using Qinwan Technologies Live Chat services, you can offer real-time live help and live customer support at crucial times during a customer visit. In turn, you will see a decrease in Shopping Cart abandonment, and an increase in the percentage of visitors converting from "browsers" into "buyers".
Despite early efforts by Internet retailing pioneers, consumer demand for live customer support has transitioned to online stores and direct email marketing campaigns. Initially, many Internet retailers assumed that consumers would not need to speak to anyone in real-time, but this has simply not materialized. In fact, in 2003, 30% of online buyers turned to live online support for customer service or sales support. In addition, as children of the Internet age continue to grow up, the use of Live Web Chat for customer service is expected to boom.
Although live telephone support and online self service will always be a requisite for online support, live website support on a 24/7/365 basis is less expensive and an extremely effective way to bridge the gap between two.  
Web Push:
One of the most common reasons a visitor leaves your website without making a purchase is that they cannot find what they are looking for. What if you could direct visitors to any page on your website so they always found what they needed. Not only would it dramatically increase sales, but it would also improve the customer's online experience, encouraging repeat visits and more purchases.
Qinwan Technologies provides web push technology allowing our highly qualified eReps to deliver comprehensive website navigation assistance. Qinwan Technologies live eReps are enabled to 'push' a requested web page from your website to display in your customer's browser. This means that if a visitor to your website can not find what they are looking for, they simply click on the "live chat" button embedded on the page. One of our live eReps will engage your customer and discover what they need, and then 'push' the correct page to the visitors screen.
Remember, if a visitor to your website cannot find what they are looking for they will never have a chance to buy. Let Qinwan Technologies eReps turn your website 'browsers' to 'buyers''.



Although Live Web Chat and online self-help services are effective in assisting many customers, most people are still more comfortable with a live voice. Using Qinwan Technologies Online Callback Request function, your customers can request a phone call from one of our call center agents through your website. They simply click on a link embedded on your website, and a pop-up screen allows them to choose a time and phone number to be called back. The Qinwan Technologies automated system then presents the outbound call to the call center agent, at the exact time the customer requested it.

Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over? Are you spending too much time replying to general emails coming in through your general company email address?
Now you can answer your email in minutes instead of days!
Qinwan Technologies real-time email support service is an outsourced customer support solution that will manage your customers' email and web-form inquiries quickly and efficiently. Live Qinwan Technologies eReps are standing by, 24 hours a day, to provide personalized and immediate responses to your customers' email. By employing the Qinwan Technologies real-time email support services, you can supplement your live telephone support and live chat services to deliver premier support services to your customers. The bottom line is a better customer experience, which will not only strengthen your brand, but also increase revenues.

Create "Answer files" of Frequently Asked Questions for each of your products or services and Qinwan Technologies eReps can easily switch between them, choosing the correct response based on criteria set out by your company. Considering that over 70% of inquiries about products or services fall into less than 20 questions (Forrester Research, 2003), Qinwan Technologies eReps are one click away from delivering these 'canned' responses. When an email comes in, the eReps can choose either a response or gain immediate access to a common knowledge base to provide clear, consistent, and complete answers. This significantly reduces costs and increases the speed and accuracy of the response.